A large Instagram following does not automatically mean that the person is a top personal trainer, it simply means they have a large social media following. It is easy to get caught up in the hype that online personalities create but if you are looking for the top personal trainer then you need to extend your search further than your favourite social media channel. You could start by doing a Google search for the “top personal trainer near me” but even then you are going to need to do a little more digging. Below is a list of the qualities a great personal trainer has, as well as how you know you have picked the right one and  what signs to look out for.

5 Qualities of a Top Personal Trainer

While no two personal trainers are alike, they will all possess a few common personality traits that make them good at what they do.

Patience: A top personal trainer needs to be patient. People are different and everyone masters new exercises at their own pace, you might need to have things repeated a few times before you fully understand them. If your trainer is not patient when it comes to this it does not make for a successful relationship.

Good Communication: Your personal trainer is going to be sharing a lot of information with you, it is important he does so clearly and concisely. If you ask a question, you want the answer indicated to you clearly. 

Approachable: If you don’t feel like you can approach your personal trainer then you aren’t going to have a good relationship. Trainers need to be easy to approach so that you feel you can ask them anything at any time.

Knowledgeable: When you ask your personal trainer a fitness related question, you want them to know the answer. Your trainer must be qualified and as such he will be trained and should be able to answer any questions you have.

Punctual: Arriving on time to your sessions is a non-negotiable. Punctuality is a sign of respect and it shows you that your trainer takes your workout seriously. 

Top Signs of a Good Personal Trainer

If you have tried searching for a “top personal trainer near me”, you will have seen the many pages of results. How do you know which one of those personal trainers is the right trainer for you? Simple – be on the lookout for the following;

Check their education and certificates. We can not stress this enough! It is so important that you work with a qualified personal trainer who has received an accredited qualification. 

They carry out assessments. Good trainers will conduct an initial assessment to get an idea of your fitness level and abilities so that they can workout an exercise regime that works for your unique set of needs.  

There is a focus on nutrition. Exercising is important but it cannot be done in isolation. Top personal trainers understand this and will incorporate nutrition into your overall plan. 

They practice what they preach. A good personal trainer lives the lifestyle he is encouraging you to live. Healthy living is not just something they sell to you but something they really believe in. 

They are happy for you to talk to their clients. If a personal trainer has no client testimonials or won’t share details of clients you could get input from, then move on. Top trainers want you to talk to their clients because they know they will only have positive feedback.

They appreciate the importance of rest. Of course pushing yourself is important and working hard will help you achieve your goals but rest is also an important part of your workout regime and your trainer should understand that.

How do you know you have hired the Right Personal Trainer?

If you are not sure you hired the right personal trainer for your fitness goals, consider the following:

They are not checking their phone during the workout: You want your personal trainer to be completely focused on you during your session, not checking messages or updating Instagram. 

They understand how you to motivate you. Everyone gets motivated in a slightly different way, the right rainer will know exactly how to motivate you.

They show you exactly how to do each exercise. When they are introducing new exercises a good trainer will show you how to do and then help you to get it right.

They watch your technique. Instead of just counting your reps, a top personal trainer will constantly watch your technique to ensure you are doing each workout correctly.

They are engaged throughout your workout. This does not mean they are distracting you with chit chat but they are focused on you, asking you relevant questions about the exercises you are doing and are giving you their undivided attention. 

Personal trainers are all different, but there are certainly top qualities and traits the best personal trainers  have in common. When you are searching for your personal trainer it is important to keep the above qualities and qualifications in mind to make sure that you hire the best fitness trainer who will help you achieve the right goals for your fitness and health.

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