Initial Fitness Assessment

At Miller Sports Training & Fitness we believe that no training program should begin without first knowing exactly where to start. Prior to engaging in an individualized fitness program, it is our responsibility to collect simple, yet vital information from our clients. Initial assessments have three parts:

First, we establish our clients’ goals. Having an understanding of what our clients want to accomplish, whether its aesthetic appearance or enhanced performance, will help guide how we customize their fitness program for maximum results.

Next, we collect necessary anthropometric data (height, weight, body fat %, and girth measurements), which will help us show progress and success over time.

Finally, specifically for our athletes, we perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is comprised of seven tests that look at fundamental movements in an effort to identify and correct limitations and imbalances in the body.

Initial Fitness Assessment – $100/hr (included in purchase of packages of 10 or more sessions).

Personal Training

Miller Sports Training & Fitness is the number one personal training service in Miami and Miami Beach. Always on time and always on target, we make training at your condo, home, or office gym a convenient luxury. We also have an available location in Coconut Grove at Jaguar Therapeutics. No matter what your fitness level may be, Miller Sports Training & Fitness wants to work with you. And don’t worry about having limited equipment; our fitness staff travels with all of the equipment necessary to make anyone’s workout fun and challenging. Sessions are one-hour long.

Small Group Training

Miller Sports Training and Fitness will train anyone, anytime. Look great! Get stronger! Have more energy! This training program builds the foundation of our hybrid training methods in a friendly semi-private environment where results are GUARANTEED! Workout with your friends or meet some health conscious new ones while learning how to push your performance limits in a motivated group setting.

Stretch Therapy

As we grow older, adults past the age of 30 begin losing their flexibility at the rate of 1% per year. As awareness of this loss of flexibility and the detrimental implications it has on one’s physical wellness grows, people are seeking out methods such as Practitioner Assisted Stretch Therapy to help “stretch back the years”.

Knowing this, Miller Sports Training & Fitness sought the expertise of Jorden Gold owner and operator of the most respected stand-alone practitioner assisted stretch therapy company in the business — “The Stretch Zone”. After learning the Stretch Zone method directly from Jorden himself, Miller Sports Training & Fitness is fully equipped to provide first class stretch therapy to both new and existing clients.

The Stretch Zone method SZM ® synthesizes controlled stretching techniques to work with the autonomic nervous system. The SZM ® rests on the premise that the limiting factor to achieving full range of motion is not the length or elasticity of muscles but the nervous control of their tension via the stretch reflex. With precise stabilization, control, and comfort, the Stretch Zone practitioner systematically positions, stabilizes, isolates and carefully assists each rhythmical stretch. This proprietary method all takes place on the innovative Stretch Zone Tables that have been purposefully designed and adorned with adjustable belts, pads, and straps allowing for the speedy extension of muscles further than the central nervous system would normally permit. As the practitioner continues in this systematic progression, s/he gently guides each tri-planer movement a few degrees past the active range of motion, then helps guide the movement back to zero tension before the muscle reacts to being stretched by going into its protective contraction.

Benefits from Stretch Therapy include:

    • Improved muscle symmetry

    • Enhanced physical performance

    • Mitigation of rheumatic pain

    • Improved flexibility

    • Decreased Lower Back Pain

    • Improved energy flow

    • Feeling younger!

Nutritional Consultation

Whether your goal is to look your best for the summer or perform your best on game day, your nutritional program will play a vital role in your success. Lifestyle Management Associates and the American Academy of Sports Dieticians and Nutritionists (AASDN) back Miller Sports Training and Fitness, which affords us the unique ability to legally provide nutritional consultation to our clientele. We do not endorse sure-to-fail fad diets! Instead, our goal is to help clients achieve a healthy, well-balanced diet that will provide the energy you need while shedding the body fat you don’t desire! Nutritional Consultations will be incorporated in every Training Package purchased.

Sports-specific Training

Miller Sports Training and Fitness is Miami and Miami Beach’s number one resource for sports-specific training. Our staff is highly trained to break down each sport to how it relates to the body’s needs. We measure and simulate proper work to rest ratio, skill-specific technique drills, and power and strength demands. With intense one-on-one and group training sessions, our staff focuses on the demands of your sport to make sure you have what it takes to elevate your game to new levels. After training with us, game day will be the easiest part of your sport.

Refer to our Personal Training session packages and Small Group Training sessions. Larger group pricing will be dependent on the number of people in the group, please call for pricing.

Online Training

We are especially excited to introduce you to the beginning of a new age in training: the Virtual Age! Miller Sports Training & Fitness has partnered with Jaguar PT Programs to bring our hybrid training approach directly to you – the client, the coach, the trainer, or the athlete – anytime, anywhere. The Miller Sports Training & Fitness program includes:

  • A monthly one-hour phone consultation (in person if available)

  • Yearly events schedule based on your consultation and needs

  • A 4-16 week personalized training program tailored to meet your needs and goals

  • Complete video demonstration for all exercises in your program

  • Unlimited e-mail communication

  • Nutritional guidance and advice


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