Ted Nigro


Name: Ted Nigro

Favorite Exercise: Biking Biking Biking!!!!!

Favorite Workout Song/Music Genre:

For sure Gloria Estefan – Ask Scotty as he has heard it countless times when we are training! My favorite workout song “Don’t Let This Moment End” – reminds me of running the Philadelphia Broad Street Run 10miler- this song was my “finish line” song to pump me up and get me running across that line!

How long have you been training with Miller Fitness?

Almost 5 years with different trainers.

What made you start training? What was/were your goal(s)?

I have always struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I first started to exercise after high school when a friend got me interested in running. In college running helped me keep trim, but once I started to work, it was very difficult to maintain. Throughout most of my 30’s and early 40’s I was excessively overweight. In my late 40’s I had reached close to 400 lbs. I was already feeling a lot of shame about my size, which was impacting my behaviors. On top of that I saw a picture of me at a friend’s wedding and that was it! I made a call and on my 46th birthday and started a program that changed my life.

Through diet and exercise I was able to lose 200 lbs., over the course of a couple years. My ultimate goal which I thought I could never achieve, was to get down to 185lbs. During this process I moved to Miami Beach and started working out with Miller Fitness. I was able to reach my goal and get down to 184 lbs.; through a combination of biking, training in the gym and healthy eating.

Did you workout before training with Miller Fitness? If so, what types of exercises did you do?

Yes – over the years I worked out in different phases of my life. In the 80’s and college it was mostly running and aerobics. Over the 90’s and early 00’s it was short periods of running and weights.

In the two years leading up to training with Miller Fitness, I worked out very regularly with a trainer for cardio running and then biking.

What do you most enjoy about working out with (trainer name)?

I have worked out with several Miller Fitness trainers. Samantha was my first trainer, and she was tough. She really pushed me and helped me reach my ultimate goal. While on maternity leave I trained with Julian, who also pushed me very hard – we had great sessions and then he moved to Hawaii at which time I trained with Samantha again. I had forgotten how hard she was – but I loved it! Unfortunately, I had to stop working out for almost a year due to hip replacement surgery.

I now train with Scotty who has also helped me more than I ever expected. After my hip replacement I was really struggling with getting back to the routine and I was struggling with some basic abilities. At the time I was so out of the routine, I just wanted to have a daily commitment to show up with a trainer. Even if we just went for a walk, that would be enough to get me back to a daily regime. But Scotty had a better plan! From day 1, Scotty took it to the next level by walking with me and then throwing in some drills and exercises. In the beginning, I could not even get up from the ground without assistance from a friendly tree. Scotty knew and knows just how to tailor our exercises to work on my problem areas. Before long, the drills and exercises became the full session, and I was able to do more than I ever could.

What obstacles have you had to overcome and how did we help you while working toward your fitness goals?

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was arthritis in my left hip. The arthritis grew increasingly painful and limiting over the course of the last few years. As it progressed, Miller Fitness trainers worked with me to tailor our workouts to allow me to do as much as possible. Eventually, at the beginning of 2014 I had to stop working out because the pain was too great. Up until 2014 I had been able to keep a steady cardio regime going via cycling which had no impact on my hip, but even the cycling became painful. I finally scheduled surgery for a full hip replacement which was very successful. Miller Fitness helped me with my physical therapy, as well via their relationship with Jaguar Therapeutics. However, as a result of not working out for almost a year, I gained a lot of weight and needed to get back into my regime as quickly as possible; which is when I reached out to Matt and was partnered with Scotty.

What fitness and/or weight loss results have you achieved since joining Miller Fitness?

Since joining Miller Fitness I have achieved my ultimate goal of weight loss – 184 lbs. However, as a result of the hip replacement and weight gain, I am once again back on the path to that goal. My fitness level over the past 6 months has improved considerably and I am once again losing the weight that I need to lose.

What are your future fitness/health goals?

My future health and fitness goals are to get back to my fitness and weight from 3 years ago, to continue to push myself physically and to ultimately maintain.

What’s a fun or interesting fact about you that most people don’t know about you?

Almost my entire career has been in pharmaceutical, personal care or medical device development and manufacturing; working in many aspects of logistics, supply chain and program management. However, my college degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

If someone asked you about Miller Fitness what would you tell them?

That they are awesome!!!! Short of repeating a lot of what I said already, they have helped me and continue to help me achieve my goals! I am very grateful for all that they do!


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