Nicole and Josh Moody


Nicole and Josh Moody

Favorite Exercise:
Josh: Anything we do with the Landmine attachment, especially the rotations.
Nicole: Sit ups with ball thrown to Matt and the heavy jump rope. Something I used to not like at all and now I do.

Favorite Workout Song:
Josh: Coldplay
Nicole: Any kind of upbeat music or dance songs

How long have you been training with Miller Fitness?
Josh: 2009
Nicole: Since 2009

What made you start training? What was/were your goal(s)?
Josh: I witnessed the variety of workouts that Miller Sports Training & Fitness were putting other clients thru and was bored with the monotony of my own workouts.
Nicole: Keep a healthy lifestyle since my husband and I are both busy people. Also, keep my body lean and in shape

Did you workout before training with Miller Fitness? If so, what types of exercises did you do?
Josh: Regular gym workouts and a lot of running.
Nicole: Yes, I have always been active. I did kick boxing, regular gym exercise and occasional spinning.

What do you most enjoy about working out with Matt?
Josh: The challenge, the consistent encouragement and results.
Nicole: Matt makes working out challenging yet fun, I like that we have a set time to meet and when I leave I feel 100% better, ready to conquer anything.

What do you like most about training with each other?
Josh: Something we both enjoy and it’ one hour out of our day to help us both feel better and we do it together which is special.
Nicole: I always say…couples who work out together stay together. It’s something we both enjoy and we are doing it together, versus one person trying to live a healthy life and the other one is not. We are both on the same page and are fortunate to have Miller Sports Training & Fitness.

What fitness and/or weight loss results have you achieved since joining Miller Fitness?
Josh: I gained additional muscle in my upper body and back, toned abs and defined my legs. I look like I did in college.
Nicole: My body is toned and legs smooth. I never want to get bulky and Matt does not do that to my body. My back and arms are nice and toned and looked great in my wedding dress last year.

What are your future fitness/health goals?
Josh: Keep a lean in shape body so I can keep up with my wife haha. Stay fit and gain additional muscle.
Nicole: I plan on starting a family and would like to continue my workouts through my pregnancy. Once I deliver I will rely on Matt to help me get my body back.

What’s a fun or interesting fact about you that most people don’t know about you?
Josh: I played Baseball for Wake Forest University.
Nicole: I love CIA stuff and anything to do with criminal shows, I am fascinated by it. Must be the criminology I took in college.

If someone asked you about Miller Fitness what would you tell them?
Josh: Best 4 hours of my week!
Nicole: You won’t regret it!


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