Mark Zilbert and Ralph Bias



Mark Zilbert & Ralph Bias

Favorite Exercise:

Mark: Squats of any kind

Ralph: Pull Ups

Favorite Workout Song:

Mark: Any Maroon 5 song

Ralph: DJ Cole Plante – any of his mixes

How long have you been training with Miller Fitness?

Mark: Three Years

Ralph: Three Years

What made you start training? What was/were your goal(s)?

Mark: Primarily weight loss, and lowering overall body fat

Ralph: Gaining bulk and toning up

Did you workout before training with Miller Fitness? If so, what types of exercises did you do?

Mark: I worked out with different trainers, but generally never found any that focused on my personal goals and needs. I never really saw the results that I wanted.

Ralph: My routines tended to be repetitive, and never really progressed my body much. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I could ever improve.

What do you most enjoy about working out with your trainer?

Mark: Will makes my workout challenging and creative. There are never two sessions alike, and he keeps everything fun and interesting.

Ralph: Will understands how my body is unique to me, and tailors my workout to maximize my own capabilities. Plus, it’s a lot of fun working with him.

What obstacles have you had to overcome and how did we help you while workingtoward your fitness goals?

Mark: I had challenges keeping to a proper diet, and I cheated more than I should have. With my trainer’s help, I managed to create a diet that I can enjoy, but one that helps me to achieve my body and weight goals.

Ralph: I was unsure of what my body was capable of, and my trainer has helped me to get places that I never quite imagined for myself. My confidence level has risen also, and I am not afraid to take extra leaps of faith when working on complex exercises.

What fitness and/or weight loss results have you achieved since joining MillerFitness?

Mark: I dropped from about 224 pounds, and have been maintaining a constant 206 pounds for about six weeks. I have learned how to eat, but never feel that I have lost the enjoyment of food.

Ralph: My endurance has increased dramatically, and I have bulked up just enough to make me feel that I am at the place where I want to be.

What are your future fitness/health goals?

Mark: I want to continue on my journey of toning my body, and working towards seeing more of my underlying muscle definition come through. I know that if I keep on this track, I will continue to transform my body.

Ralph: Now that I have found my proper body and weight, I would like to start to tone my muscles further, and add some additional bulk. Not much, but just enough to start filling out clothes in a certain proportion.

What’s a fun or interesting fact about you that most people don’t know about you?

Mark: I am originally from Canada, and almost started my career there. By a chance meeting with a recruiter, I moved to the US, and have been here ever since.

Ralph: I spent most of my life in Los Angeles, and was a bit hesitant to move to Miami. But, now that I am here, I am so very glad that I didn’t stay in LA.

If someone asked you about Miller Fitness what would you tell them?

Mark: Miller Fitness is a company that truly takes an interest in ensuring that its clients are able to set goals, then achieve them. The expert trainers really pay attention to their clients, and never simply “go through the motions”. It’s certainly one of the best, if not the best, fitness companies in Miami.

Ralph: The trainers at Miller Fitness understand that each person is different, and each has a unique set of goals. And, regardless of whether you are in your 20’s or closer to retirement age, the group has programs that are perfectly suited for people of all shapes, sizes and ages.


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