Lizandra Pattaro Marcondes


Lizandra Pattaro Marcondes

Favorite Exercise:

Favorite Workout Song/Music Genre:
Pop, Rock and Dance

How long have you been training with Miller Fitness?
Since October 2014.

What made you start training? What was/were your goal(s)?
I needed to lose weight, improve my muscle tone and increase my metabolism.

Did you workout before training with Miller Fitness? If so, what types of exercises did you do?
Yes, I was jogging and biking.

What do you most enjoy about working out with Victoria?
She is a very nice person. She is very focused on the working out and she motivates me all the time during the workout, even when I am almost giving up. She is very flexible, happy and she is the only one able to meet me at the gym at 6:30 am. She is always trying to find alternative and different ways of working out. I am not bored with my daily training. She is awesome.

What obstacles have you had to overcome and how did we help you while working toward your fitness goals?
I am a lazy person. It’s not easy to wake up every day early in the morning. I need to be focused on my goals, and I think I made it possible by trying to find the best trainer and the best routine that fits my schedule. So, I don’t have excuses to say NO.

What fitness and/or weight loss results have you achieved since joining Miller Fitness?
I lost 10lbs, improved my cardio endurance and improved my metabolism. I haven’t measured myself yet, but I can feel that I have improved my muscle tone.

What are your future fitness/health goals?
I want to lose 20 more pounds and improve my muscle tone and my metabolism.

What’s a fun or interesting fact about you that most people don’t know about you?
I hate working out!!!!!! I would like to have a perfect body without any sacrifice!! I would also like to work for fun and help people for free. I am working toward that!! I will get there!

If someone asked you about Miller Fitness what would you tell them?
It’s a very good company focused on fitness and healthy. They have a great team of trainers and they are always open to try to find a better way to attend you.


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